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 Jobs of the Infantry Class

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Jobs of the Infantry Class Empty
PostSubject: Jobs of the Infantry Class   Jobs of the Infantry Class EmptyTue Nov 10, 2009 2:05 pm

Jobs of the Infantry Class


Archers are lightly armored warriors armed with bows. Can attack from a distance.

Primary weapon: Bow


Assassins are masters of the killing arts. Possess the skill to kill a foe instantly.

Primary weapon: Sword

Can also use: Ranged Swords, Knives, Ranged Knives


A berserker is a title for those who live to fight. Strong in mountains or at sea. Skilled in killing blows.

Primary weapon: Axe

Can also use: Ranged Axes


A brigand is a mighty axefighters especially skilled in mountain combat.

Primary weapon: Axe

Can also use: Ranged Axes


A corsair is a powerful axefighters who are unusually skilled at combat in water.

Primary weapon: Axe

Can also use: Ranged Axes


A fighter is an axe-wielding powerhouses whose wild fighting results in poor defenses.

Primary weapon: Axe


A pirate is an axe-wielding privateers trained to fight on the high seas.

Primary weapon: Axe

Can also use: Ranged Axes, Swords


Sniper is a title won by veteran archers. None can match their skill with the bow.

Primary weapon: Bow

Can also use: Ballistas (ground units)


A solider is an average footsoldiers possessing no unique abilities.

Primary weapon: Lance, Javelin

Can also use: Swords, Axes


Thieves are rogues and fortune-hunters. Possess weak attacks but many other skills.

Primary weapon: Knife

Can also use: Swords


Warrior is a title awarded to battle-tested warriors. The strongest of all fighters.

Primary weapon: Axe

Can also use: Bows
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Jobs of the Infantry Class
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