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 Jobs of the Cavalry Class

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Jobs of the Cavalry Class Empty
PostSubject: Jobs of the Cavalry Class   Jobs of the Cavalry Class EmptyTue Nov 10, 2009 2:42 pm

Jobs of the Cavalry Class


Cavaliers are mounted knights with superior movement. Well balanced for speed, defanse, & attack.

Primary weapon: Sword, Lance

Can also use: Ranged Swords, Javelins


Nomads are horse riding warriors of the eastern plains. Skilled in horseback archery. Incredibly swift.

Primary weapon: Bow

Nomadic Trooper-

Nomadic Trooper is a title earned by combat-hardened nomads. Sword-swinging, arrow-flinging warriors.

Primary weapon: Bow

Can also use: Swords, Ranged Swords


Paladin is a title given to cavaliers whose life have been dedicated to the cause of justice.

Primary weapon: Lance, Axe

Can also use: Swords, Ranged Swords, Javelins


Troubadours are mounted maidens whose sacred staves aid allies. High movement. Can't attack.

Primary weapon: Staff


Valkyrie is a title given to the finest troubadours. Wields sacred magic to aid allies.

Primary weapon: Staff

Can also use: Anima Magic
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Jobs of the Cavalry Class
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