This forum was created for a Never Winter Nights and Dungeons and Dragons based Fire Emblem roleplay. This site is open to anyone who is interested.
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 Roleplay and Character Creation Rules

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Roleplay and Character Creation Rules Empty
PostSubject: Roleplay and Character Creation Rules   Roleplay and Character Creation Rules EmptySat Nov 07, 2009 10:39 pm

The second stop for your rule researching needs, these are the basic rules for roleplaying on the forum and character creation.

Roleplaying Rules

- Please follow all the rules.

- Please, for the sake of not being kicked off this site, lets keep everything PG-13.

- Please be at least semi literate. We're not saying every post needs to be the size of a small novel or that your base story be a product worthy of NaNoWriMo, but please have your posts be at least two paragraphs.

- Please respect your fellow roleplayers on the forum. No one likes roleplaying with a jerk... unless the character you're using is a jerk, then it's okay... I guess?

- Please, not too much of your own personal drama.

- Please do not quote messages longer than one or two paragraphs. I say this only because it sends to get really allowing when you have to scroll down through something you've already read, especially if it's rather long.

- While roleplaying we do ask that you keep track of your HP, and MP, and in battle we ask that you keep track of your HP, MP, items, move points, and move cost as well as any status effects you or your items may have and or cause. We ask this because it will be much easier to keep everything rolling smoothly if you do.

- In battle we also ask that you keep track of any and all EXP that you earn. When you earn 100 EXP the person "in charge" of the battle will officially level you up and upgrade your stats before the battle continues. This being said, do not bother the person if you do not like your upgraded stats. We aren't upgrading them at random, we're following the point system of Fire Emblem.

- In battle and during specific events promotion items might be found or earned. If a promotion item is found in battle it cannot be used right away. If you start a battle while holding a promotion item you may use it at the beginning of your turn but you will not be able to attack or use another item during that first turn. If an item is found in an even you can use the item right away or wait until you get back to base or at the beginning of your next battle. If a promotion item that is found is not the promotion item of your particular class you can give or trade it to someone of the correct class. There will be a list of promotion items and which classes they can be used for.

Character Creation Rules

- Each person can have a max amount of three characters per realm. You can also have a max of one canon character from a previous game per person.

- Any "special" characters, such as a character with two classes or someone who would possibly end up being of great importance must be reviewed by an administrator. That administrator also has the authority to either accept of deny your character. This is because we want to keep everything as fair as possible.

- Each character, with the exception of a few canon characters from previous games, will start at level one and will be given fifty points to allot for their stats. If you do not want to pick your own stats there will be example stats for each class.

- All original characters, unless they received permission from an administrator, must start at the lowest job of their chosen class.
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Roleplay and Character Creation Rules
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