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 Character List

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Personal Information-

Name: Bernard
Gender: Male
Age: Twenty-eight
Species: Beorc (Human)
Sign: Leo

Background Information-

Personal Background: Bernard was always a quiet, happy youth who spent most of his young life working in order to support his family once his father left. After hearing news of his father’s death his naturally happy mood seemed to calm slightly into some kind of apathy, though on occasion he is known to smile.
Family History: Bernard grew up in a quiet household with his father, mother, and younger brother. When his father went off to join the war Bernard became the acting head of the household, taking up a job in order to help support his family.
When the news came back that his father had died in combat protecting a friend Bernard began to wonder if he would ever find someone that he wanted to protect. He had his mother and his brother of course, but he viewed protecting them as an obligation rather than something he truly wanted to do. When his brother was old enough he set off to Caelin to join the army in hopes of becoming stronger and finding someone that he wanted to protect.
Current Home: Caelin
Birth place: Ostia

Physical Description-

Hair: Kept cropped short and slicked back with one strand falling into his right eye, with dark brown roots that fade out into platinum blonde.
Eyes: Celadon, a lighter shade of green.
Body Type: Slender but well toned.
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 125 lbs
Physical condition: Fit.
Marks, scar, tattoo: A thin scar going across his left cheek, and another going down the back of his left hand.
Clothing: A simple dark purple turtleneck and a pair of long black pants tucked into black riding boots. Over this he wears a chest plate, shoulder guards and wrist guards, as well as thigh guards and armor plates that fit over his boots , all done in a well polished silver.
Possessions, make-up, jewelry, etc: A beaded choker he wears under his armor given to him by his younger brother before he left for Caelin.


Likes: His mount, personal time to himself, practicing with his sword, pleasant dinners in the company of family and close friends, the night sky, calming music.
Dislikes: Arguments, having to wait a long period of time for things, useless fighting.
Fears: Not being able to find someone he finds is worth protecting.
Goals: To become a Paladin, to find someone worth protecting.

: Doesn’t speak much, keeping things to the point. Will most likely not go out of his way to talk to anyone unless it’s absolutely necessary.

Psychological condition: Healthy, for the most part.

Character behavior
: Usually off by himself unless needed in a place where there are a lot of people, Bernard usually goes about his business with a quiet efficiency. He is known for getting things done well and on time, as well as being a trust worthy worker and friend. He will answer truthfully to any question given to him and usually expects the same in return. Quick to frustration under certain circumstances, however for the most part he is level-headed.

Positive characteristics: Loyal, trust-worthy, respectful, efficent
Negatives characteristics: Too quiet on occasion, sometimes quick to anger

Job: Cavalier

HP- 19
STR- 5
DEF- 6
RES- 3
SKL- 9
SPD- 12
LUK- 7
CON- 6
MOV- 10

Starting weapon: Slim Sword
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Character List
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