This forum was created for a Never Winter Nights and Dungeons and Dragons based Fire Emblem roleplay. This site is open to anyone who is interested.
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 The Story Of This Roleplay

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PostSubject: The Story Of This Roleplay   The Story Of This Roleplay EmptyTue Nov 10, 2009 9:00 pm

The wars... All the needless fighting...

Is it really over?...

Do we finally have peace?...

With the ending of the last war it seemed like finally, finally, everyone would finally be at peace with one another. Most noticeable is that the beorc and the laguz seemed to finally be putting their differences aside. Well, the majority of them.

But in this time of peace people began to wonder. Now, with a gentle peace settling over their land, just what was the dragon gate really for?

Any kingdom that was interested enough, as there were several who would rather not open old wounds, set their most powerful Archsages to the task of figuring out the meaning, the purpose of the gate.

From the dust and dirt a myth was pieced together, a myth claiming that the gate was actually one of four great gates, though three of those gates were not in this plane.

This place in which they lived was not alone, but was one of four realms that now lived quite separately from one another.

Four different realms, that used to be connected, and could be again with the use of the gates.

Some, however, didn't like the news that there were others out there, possibly very different from them. Fear quickly sprung up like raging wild fire.

What will come of this? And what will come of the news that there are those that are actually working to understand and use the gate?

Only time will tell.

* I do apologize that I suck at everything. The story will be updated and such as time goes on. Again, I apologize for my epic failure.
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The Story Of This Roleplay
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