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 Jobs of the Magic User Class

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Jobs of the Magic User Class Empty
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Jobs of the Magic User Class


Archsage is a title reserved only for those who have mastered all types of magic and all staves.

Primary weapon: Anima Magic, Dark Magic, Light Magic, Rod, Staff


Bishop is a title given to monks who have attained enlightenment. Wields magic for offense.

Primary weapon: Light Magic


Clerics are wielders of sacred staves that aid allies. Cannot use weapons and cannot fight.

Primary weapons: Staffs

Dark Druid-

Dark Druids are druids whose soul has been sacrificed to darkness in an appeal for power.

Primary weapons: Anima Magic, Light Magic, Dark Magic, Rod


Druid is a title received by shamans who focus their powers toward mastering dark arts.

Primary weapon: Dark Magic

Can also use: Rods


Mages are magic users schooled in anima magic. Bypass most defenses but weak against weapons.

Primary weapon: Anima Magic


Monks are ascetic wielders of sacred light magic. Superior ability to hit but low in power.

Primary weapon: Light Magic


Sage is a title given to advanced mages. They wield magic and can carry rods.

Primary weapon: Anima Magic

Can also use: Rods


Shamans are masters of elder black magic. Very powerful but very slow as well.

Primary weapon: Dark Magic

Note* You cannot start out with a Archsage or Dark Druid unless you acquire permission.
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Jobs of the Magic User Class
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